Illustrations by Frank Roosa

Frank is pleased to offer his services as an illustrator for book covers and interior illustrations for childrens books, and books for all ages. Either in Black & White or Full Color. Please ask for quote. He is currently the illustrator of over 40 books which have sold successfully.

Editing Services

Have a manuscript you need edited?

Services offered:
  • Proof reading
  • Consulting
  • Reasonable rates

Val Roosa, author of 3 books (fiction) childrens books and historical books.

Holds a Royal Society of Arts Degree

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Interior Illustrations

Black & White Illustrations in Ink + Shading $35-$40 each depending on subject

Black & White In Ink with Color over subjects $50-55 each depending on subject

Fine art illustrations in detail $65 - $100

Cover art

Full color covers in fine detail $300 - $500. This is not usually necessary for children's books

If one of the interior illustrations is also used for the cover pictures an extra $50 will be charged for designing the cover including text overlay. This is an optional service or you may wish to do it yourself in conjunction with the publisher.

Note: There is a 10% discount for more than 20 interior illustrations

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